12 Awesome Descriptions For Sadness

descriptions for sadness

12 Awesome Descriptions For Sadness

Sadness – an emotion that everyone and anyone can easily relate to. It is one of the most popular emotions to use in school compositions. However, many students simply use the word “sad” to describe their character/s. Teach your child these descriptions to use in their compositions and they will immediately add depth to their stories.

Let’s take a look at the 12 Awesome Descriptions For Sadness today:

1. She tried to speak, but she was choked with tears.

2. His tearstained face was puffy and swollen with grief.

3. Crestfallen, he realised that his only chance to succeed was gone.

4. He had a lump in his throat and was blinking away the tears.

5. Sorrowfully, he buried his dead golden retriever at the bottom of the garden and wept a silent tear.

6. A hush fell as the bereaved elderly man entered the church. During the service, he was racked by sobs.

7. “Not again!” he groaned in misery.

8. “Why would she do that to me?” snivelled Giselle miserably.

9. For months, the gnawing grief kept him awake at night.

10. Jason announced the tragic news with a heavy heart.

11. Sitting there alone, misery was written all over his face.

12. He found himself in the depths of misery.

Encourage your child to use these descriptions in the tests and examinations. Help them familiarise with these phrases through simple activities by writing short introductory paragraphs with one or two of the descriptions, or give them short dictation quizzes!

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