Primary English Tuition

More Than A Good English Tuition Centre For Primary School Students

Our primary curriculum refines essential exam skills and goes beyond instilling confidence. 
By analysing prominent question trends and exam structures, our lessons are specifically tailored to facilitate academic excellence. We employ systematic approaches to ensure students comprehend the specific requirements of each question and can construct accurate and precise responses that effectively address all aspects of the exam questions.

A Strong Foundation - Good English Tuition Centre for Primary
A Strong Foundation - English Tuition for Primary Singapore

Primary 3 & 4 Complete Coverage

Components covered:

1. Creative Writing 
2. Comprehension
3. Grammar and Sentence Construction
4. Vocabulary
5.  Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Stimulus-Based Conversation)

Content Mastery - Good English Tuition Centre for Primary
Content Mastery - English Tuition for Primary Singapore

Primary 5 & 6 Complete Coverage

Components covered:

1. Paper 1 (Situational Writing & Creative Writing)
2. Paper 2 (stronger emphasis on Grammar, Vocabulary, Synthesis & Transformation, and Comprehension)
3.  Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Stimulus-Based Conversation)

Academic Distinction - Good English Tuition Centre for Primary
Academic Distinction - English Tuition for Primary Singapore

Primary 3 - 6 Advanced Writing

Components covered:

Paper 1 (Situational Writing & Creative Writing)

Key Learning Objectives of our English Tuition for Primary:

Augustine’s PSLE tuition is geared towards achieving the following objectives below:

1. Establishing a strong language proficiency grounded in mastering basic and complex grammar rules and developing specific thematic wording.

2. Skillfully implementing selected writing techniques to render their stories more attractive, and using language that engages the examiner.

3. Help them to improve their metacognition so that they can assess themselves.

We believe that a strong grasp of English can be a stepping stone to many opportunities in the future. With this vision, our English tuition for primary aims to nurture young minds, giving them the confidence and skills they need to excel not just in exams but in real-world applications as well.

Good English Tuition Centre for Primary

Getting Ready for PSLE English

Should your child encounter challenges with primary school English, rest assured, there are effective measures to adopt. The journey to prepare for PSLE English can commence early and adapt conveniently. Strengthening your child’s English skills is a continuous endeavour that can be pursued at any opportune moment.
During PSLE English prep, intricate components might seem overwhelming, leading to improvement uncertainty. Some children might perceive unchanging English proficiency, especially if they find it tough. This perception could lead to skipping prep, assuming performance stays the same.
However, transformation is possible. With consistent effort, your child can progress. Don’t let doubt hinder PSLE English success. Enhancing language skills proactively increases potential for better grades. Despite challenges, embarking on mastering PSLE English is a positive stride forward.

Unlocking Exam Success in PSLE English

The Approach of our English tuition for primary in tackling the PSLE English Paper

As we focus on PSLE English preparation, it’s vital to adopt a structured approach that imparts relevant examination strategies and techniques. As a good english tuition centre for primary, our aim is to equip young learners with the skills they need not only for school assessments but also to excel in their future PSLE English exams.

To ensure your child understands the requirements clearly, we engage them in exercises that involve analysing passages and questions. Whether it’s honing writing, comprehension, or oral skills, our students at Augustine’s English Classes are well-prepared to consistently achieve their best. We have full confidence in our methods as a reputable English tuition resource for primary school students. By focusing on their development during this pivotal time, we set them on a path toward success in both immediate evaluations and their upcoming PSLE English journey.

Paper 1: Situational and Continuous Writing

– Essential techniques for writing excellence, featuring diverse strategies, rich vocabulary resources, and focused exercises tailored to primary school scenarios. Equip your child with the skills to handle any writing task confidently.

– Clear guidance on grasping Purpose, Audience, Context, and Culture for crafting well-structured Situational Writing essays.

– Fundamental grammar skills, including rectifying common mistakes, to enhance writing proficiency.

Paper 2: Language Use and Comprehension

– Specialised strategies for all facets of Paper 2, including MCQ annotation methods and effective annotation for comprehensive comprehension.

– Targeted drills for Synthesis and Transformation skills and leveraging contextual clues in vocabulary MCQs.

– Instruction in foundational grammar to excel in grammar MCQs.

Paper 3: Listening and Comprehension

– Supportive frameworks and strategies to refine answer selection and eliminate incorrect choices.

– Tips and techniques for tackling challenging listening comprehension questions effectively.

Paper 4: Oral Communication

– Precise guidance on pronunciation, enunciation, word stress, fluency, and pitch for enhanced oral reading.

– Structured analytical frameworks for articulate spoken interaction, complemented by brainstorming tools and effective answering methods.

– Rigorous pre-exam practice and drills to ensure readiness for assessment.

Reasons for Enrolling in an English Tuition for Primary

At the primary level, typically ranging from 6 to 12 years old, students encounter a variety of obstacles when learning English that can impede their academic growth. Firstly, the complexity of grammar can be overwhelming, often making it hard to construct sentences accurately. Secondly, vocabulary development is crucial and demands regular practice and exposure that extends beyond standard classroom lessons. Thirdly, reading comprehension is a common issue, as students may struggle to deduce meanings or grasp the context within extended texts. Lastly, writing effectively involves numerous skills, including the ability to organise ideas clearly and use various styles like persuasive or narrative writing effectively.

We recognise these widespread challenges among primary students; hence, at our English tuition for primary, we incorporate engaging and interactive activities that simplify learning grammar and expanding vocabulary. We strongly emphasise honing critical reading and writing skills, providing students with the essential tools they need to succeed.

The objective of our PSLE English Tuition Center: Cultivate a generation of empowered change-makers, armed with the skills to navigate PSLE English assessments and the communication abilities to make a meaningful impact in any setting they find themselves.

English Tuition for Primary

Guiding Your Child's PSLE English Excellence: Mastering the Exam Components

Our dedicated PSLE English tuition educators are well-versed in the academic demands, poised to impart essential techniques for mastering grammar, synthesis, comprehension, and composition writing. Beyond mere assessment, English serves as a powerful tool for nurturing creativity and becomes an integral aspect of their evolving lifestyles. Through our guidance, your child will not only excel in their PSLE English journey but also embrace the richness of language for ideation and expression.

The Advantages Your Child Will Gain Through Our Primary English Tuition

  1. Achieve a methodical and goal-oriented approach to PSLE English components (precise adherence to question requirements and strategic question breakdown).
  2. Utilise English in a grammatically sound and context-appropriate manner for effective communication and impact.
  3. Experience a notable improvement by the upcoming exam (typically resulting in an additional 10-20 marks).
  4. Cultivate self-assurance and a genuine appreciation for English and its intricacies.
English Tuition for Primary Singapore

What Makes Lessons at Augustine’s English Classes Unique as Compared to Other Primary English Tuition Centres?

How can you confirm that learning has occurred? You can ascertain it when you can effectively teach it to others.

Students at our primary English tuition not only showcase their comprehension of techniques and question formats during their exercises, but they are also encouraged to explain these concepts to their classmates.

In addition to learning from meticulously designed materials within a supportive atmosphere, your child will leave our classroom with a sense of empowerment. These are some of the factors that distinguish us as the best primary English tuition centre in Singapore!

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Specific Strategies - English Tuition for Primary

Proven Methods

to cover all sections of the paper

In-House Curriculum - English Tuition for Primary

In-house Materials

periodically updated to align with MOE’s assessment formats

Highly Experienced Teachers - English Tuition for Primary

Seasoned Teachers

instructed to implement our distinct teaching approach

Thematic Approach - English Tuition for Primary

Theme-based Approach

to spark conversations about real-world topics

Collaborative Learning Setting - English Tuition for Primary

Cooperative Learning

with small class size of 10

Direct Line of Communication - English Tuition for Primary

Open Communication

periodic updates on your child’s progress

Augustine 7

The Driving Force behind Student Excellence

After acquiring his master degree from the University of Singapore in 2011, Augustine went into education with the fuel of his desire to teach and to empower the younger generations. For over ten years, he refined his skills, and was known by many parents for his unique teaching method and depth of understanding of all aspects of the English curriculum.

Augustine’s English Classes soon became an icon of quality with parents eagerly seeking tangible improvements in their child’s performance. The distinguishing factor of Augustine is his particular interest in the profession of a teacher and each class is taught by him personally so that the students can get the best instruction and guidance.

At The Augustine’s English classes, education is no longer based on conventional methods. Augustine stimulates an environment for active participation and critical thinking, therefore, learning is a journey of delight which leads to a discovery of previously unknown things. As a result, the graduates not only achieve better academic results but also develop affection for the English language which makes them effective communicators in the rapidly expanding world.

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Parents' and Students' Testimonials About Our English Tuition

Google Rating
My son started his English tuition with Augustine's English classes at the start of Secondary 1 in January as I was worried that he was unable to handle his school English exam papers because he didn't perform well for his PSLE English paper. However, to my surprise, he managed to achieve an A1 for his Sec 1 final year exams. I believe the credit largely goes to Teacher Augustine for his guidance and his patience. Thank you, Teacher Augustine.
Yi Ming Wee
Yi Ming Wee
We can't thank Teacher Augustine enough. When our son joined in the middle of P5, he struggled with English, getting around AL5-AL6 for his tests. But fast forward one year later, with Teacher Augustine’s amazing teaching, our son surprised us all by achieving AL2 in his PSLE. It's been a remarkable journey, and we're so grateful for the support and positive impact on his learning. Highly recommend Augustine's English Classes to other parents looking for a good English tuition centre!
Linda Goh
Linda Goh
I would like to share my positive experience with Augustine's English Classes. Thanks to their dedicated teaching and support, my son significantly improved his English skills, ultimately achieving an A1 in his Sec 3 English exams. The effective teaching methods and unwavering commitment truly make this tuition center stand out. Grateful for the positive impact on my son's academic journey. Highly recommended!
David Seah
David Seah
Augustine's English Classes has been a transformative experience for our family. With three children going through the challenges of both primary and secondary education, we've witnessed remarkable progress, all thanks to the exceptional teaching methods employed by Teacher Augustine. The key highlight of Teacher Augustine's approach is the simplicity and clarity with which intricate techniques for writing and comprehension are taught in class. Teacher Augustine has a unique ability to break down complex concepts into digestible bits, making it easier for students to grasp and apply in their school English papers. The two older ones, tackling secondary education, have done quite well for the subject under Teacher Augustine's guidance, demonstrating enhanced comprehension skills and analytical thinking. Our youngest child, currently in primary school, has not only improved his grades but also developed a newfound confidence in expressing ideas through writing. In summary, Augustine's English classes has been an invaluable investment in our children's education. If you're seeking a program that goes beyond conventional teaching, providing a solid foundation and a genuine passion for English, look no further. Teacher Augustine's dedication and effective teaching methodologies make this an outstanding choice for any student aspiring to excel in school English exams.
Joelle Lin
Joelle Lin
Our P3 son has been doing great in English, all thanks to Teacher Augustine's amazing classes. The way he makes learning fun has really worked wonders. Our kid is not just enjoying the classes but is also learning a lot. If you're looking for English classes that your child will love and benefit from, Augustine's English Classes is the way to go! Highly recommend!
Gibert Chen
Gibert Chen
Thank you Augustine for teaching my son Luke these past years! He's happy that he scored well for his PSLE English. It was Augustine's class that Luke would eagerly reach 45 mins earlier! Augustine's teaching methods are unique, fun and motivating. His classes propelled Luke to excel in his English. I highly recommend Augustine English tuition centre!
Carol Lim
Carol Lim
Today received psle result of my younger daughter. Manage to score good result in English language thanks to Augustine Tuition. My elder daughter (also attended Augustine Tuition) got the same score two years ago in psle English. I think Augustine provided very good English learning techniques, materials and tips for his student. In my perspective, this tuition is probably the key factor in both my daughters' outstanding results in psle English language. Strongly recommended.
Michael Yee
Michael Yee
Augustine is an excellent English teacher who is passionate about his subject. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students succeed. My children have learned so much from him, and I am confident that they will continue to do well in English because of his instructions. One of the ways that Mr. Augustine has helped my children improve their writing skills is by providing them with regular feedback and guidance. He always takes the time to read their work carefully and offer specific suggestions for how they can improve their grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. He also provides them with helpful tips on how to organize their thoughts and ideas more effectively. As a result my children have become much more confident writers. They are now able to write clear, concise, and well-organized essays that make a strong argument. He also keep them engaged through prizes and games on class participation/performance activities.
Vandita Pande
Vandita Pande
My children’s grades improved significantly due to the fun and engaging teachings. Augustine is encouraging and my children look forward to their classes every time. Highly recommended.
Angelene Tan
Angelene Tan

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