Programmes Offered

Check out our programmes for English tuition in Singapore.


Our primary programme focuses on learning excellence. The structured curriculum systematically covers all the components in the school exams Paper 1 and Paper 2, from the fundamentals such as grammar and vocabulary, writing methodologies, and comprehension techniques, all based on the latest MOE syllabus.


Our secondary programme enables the secondary students to manage their diverse curriculum needs. They will be exposed to the 4 main compositional writing styles as well as adapting the necessary writing structures, and the correct methods to approach the 8 main comprehension question types.


Our GP programme strongly focuses on structure, content knowledge and the precise application of the acquired knowledge to ensure that the students perform at their optimum form for the promos and at the ‘A’ levels.


If you feel that your child only needs help in the writing component, you may consider placing your child in our advanced writing programme (WRITE). This programme is designed for Primary 3-6 students to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses in writing and to learn how to translate their thoughts into beautiful words.