Why Your Child Might Need English Tuition

Why Your Child Might Need English Tuition

Why Your Child Might Need English Tuition

English tuition centers are rapidly gaining popularity in Singapore even though English is our first language. There are many students who are interested in mastering the language while others have underplayed its importance. Here we have some of the reasons why your child might need to get English tuition as soon as possible.



When you visit our English tuition center, your child will immediately get a unique learning experience. We are the experts that will understand the issues your child is dealing with and tailor the lessons according to their requirements to assure that they will learn to speak and write English confidently. All you have to do is share the problems that your child have when it comes to the usage of the language and we will train them with such perfection that they will be able to speak and write more confidently than a native English speaker. Your child will have a unique learning experience at our tuition center because everything will be managed based on a perfected curriculum.



The biggest benefit of being a part of an English tuition center is that your child spoken English will improve. You will be surprised to know that most people can write English perfectly but when it comes to spoken English they will make huge mistakes. At our English tuition center, we can help your child in the following ways.

  1. Understand the difference between written and spoken English.
  2. Create special activities to assure that your child can speak more.
  3. Your child will not be allowed to speak in other languages.
  4. With practice, your child will be able to speak perfectly.



At our English tuition centre, your child will get direct attention from your tutor. There are some people who are not comfortable in a big class because they believe that others are better. Our tutor will be able to pay close attention to what your child needs to learn. Your child will not have to worry about what others will say.



The best thing about attending our English tuition centre in Singapore is that your child’s academic performance will improve dramatically. There are many students who travel around the world for high education but they only fail because they are unable to fully master the English language. Students will be able to understand the grammar and rules of English properly with the help of English tuition . It will allow them to excel in the exams and assignments wherever they go.



Taking classes at our English tuition center in Singapore will improve your child’s level of confidence dramatically. Your child will be able to converse with anyone, anywhere they want with ease. In the near future, this will help your child to speak with business delegates and other important personalities.



The biggest benefit of attending English tuition is that your child’s chance of getting a better job will increase. There are many people who are unable to find a suitable job only because they do not have proper English-speaking skill. People who have a strong command over more than one language are in demand because many companies are globalizing their business. Your child will find and also get accepted for the best job in any industry.



Our English tuition centre in Singapore will help your child improve their communication skills. There are some people who can speak in English fluently but they do not have the confidence to talk to others or speak in public. We have planned special activities in the tuition center that will not only help your child improve their spoken English skills but also allow them to speak confidently with everyone. They will learn how to speak in different situations and with different people.



The freedom and confidence in asking questions are very important in life if your child wants to succeed. There are many students who are unable to ask questions because they cannot speak in English fluently. However, after your English tuition, you will not be facing such issues. Regardless of the person who is standing in front, your child can confidently ask any questions related to the project and understand the answer they have given. It will remove all the confusions and doubts that your child has in their mind. In this way, your child will be able to give a better performance in all forms of situations.



A good English tuition centre for Primary and Secondary students is one of the best places where your child can get some help from the experts. We will not only provide your child with educational and inspiring sessions but also the guidance that your child needs to speak and write English confidently. Our tutors have been teaching English for many years and we will assure to provide your child with the best curriculum and learning materials. Your child will be able to speak and write English fluently regardless of the occasion. For more information, do feel free to contact us.


For over 15 years, Augustine’s English Classes has helped hundreds of students fall in love with the subject and excelling in school exams. If you are interested to know how our classes work, or what our secret winning formula is, do feel free to drop us a message or give us a call.

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