What are the Different Types of Learning Styles

What are the Different Types of Learning Styles

What are the Different Types of Learning Styles

Every student has their own unique way of learning, and here at Augustine English Classes’ English tuition centre, we understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for English tuition in Singapore for every class because what works for one student might not necessarily work for the other. It’s important to understand and identify your child’s learning style in order to create a study plan that is best suited to them. In this article, we will be exploring the main types of learning style and the different ways that students from each type are stimulated to learn.

Visual Learning Style

Visual Learning Style English tuition centre in Singapore

Visual learners are as the name suggests — they absorb information better by looking at things instead of listening to it or by using their hands. In the context of English tuition in Singapore, this could be reflected by the way your child picks up grammar better through visual stimulations like pictures, animations, and diagrams, or by the way they learn vocabulary better through their pictorial representations. In short, creative and engaging visuals, such as picture books and paintings are key to unlocking their ability to develop effectively. Encouraging them to create their own handwritten notes is also a good way to keep them engaged in what they’re learning.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory Learning Style English tuition centre in Singapore

Auditory learners pick things up best when they are spoken out loud, whether it’s the tutor or even themselves doing the speaking. They also tend to retain knowledge better when new ideas are paired with non-verbal sounds, such as music. In the context of English tuition in Singapore, auditory learners develop better through activities like spelling bees, as they are encouraged to spell words out loud. Audiobooks are also a great resource for auditory learners to pick up reading as the entire story is narrated out loud just the way they prefer it.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic Learning Style English tuition centre in Singapore

The term “kinesthetic” literally refers to the ability to sense body position and movement. In short, kinesthetic learners are required to touch, feel, and move things around in order to understand them. How, then, does this relate to English tuition in Singapore, seeing as this learning style seems to work better for subjects like Maths and Science? There are several ways that your child can pick up English by utilising motion. For instance, you could get them letter magnets so they can practise forming words. Motion isn’t just restricted to the way they learn; you can even get your child a stationary bike or a bouncy exercise ball to facilitate constant movement when they’re doing their homework.

Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing English tuition centre in Singapore

Regardless of your child’s learning style, here at Augustine English Classes’ English tuition centre, reading and writing are vital to our programmes and the way we encourage our students to develop, except how they are conducted will be tweaked according to the different learning styles. Ultimately, these two activities cover the entire spectrum of what’s required to be proficient in English, from grammar, to vocabulary, to sentence structure, to writing style. Encourage your child to read all manner of literature, whether it’s a news article or a Harry Potter book, and get them to write anything under the sun; keep a blog, a journal — it doesn’t matter. The only difference is that by understanding your child’s learning style, you will be able to help them undertake these activities in ways that they would benefit from the most. That’s also the experience that we strive to provide for students in our English programmes.

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