“Augustine makes learning English interesting for the children. He often organises fun activities/games which motivate the kids to attend and learn at the same time. My son likes his class!”

Caroline PohMother of Keith, Pri 3, Saint Stephen’s School

“My boys, Thaddaeus and Thierry, love Augustine’s classes. This is one enrichment activity they hate to miss. Augustine makes English fun to learn and it’s no mean feat with my boys. He is generous with his time and spares no effort to share his knowledge and joy of the English language with his students.

Augustine has taken care of my boys for a few years now and I haves total faith in his abilities and methods to further my boys’ development in the language.”

Winston TanFather of Thaddaeus and Thierry, Sec 3 and Pri 5, Maris Stella High School and Tao Nan School

“Bryan used to throw tantrums every time I ask him to read more books and do his homework. Now, just after a month of lessons with Teacher Augustine, he has grown to enjoy reading books and always finishes his homework on time. At times, he even asks me to get him more assessment books to do! Thank you, Teacher Augustine!”

Mrs TanMother of Bryan, Pri 5, Temasek Primary School

“My son had been getting Cs and Ds since P5. Finally, I decided to enrol him in Augustine’s primary school English tuition class 6 months before his PSLE. I was hoping for a pass but when the results came out, it was nothing short of a miracle! My son had gotten himself an A! Thank you so much, August!”

Mrs LimMother of Matthew, Pri 6, Tao Nan School

My First A!!! Thanks, Teacher Augustine!”

Jonathan TongSec 2, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

“Teacher Augustine’s meticulous explanation and teaching of the various comprehension question types really helped me tremendously. I managed to get the highest in class for a Paper 2 test within a few months! Awesome!”

James Tan Wei LiangSec 3, Anglican High

“Teacher Augustine, I really appreciate all the hard work and efforts that you had put into preparing my son for his school exams since he joined your English tuition class in Primary 4. He always sings praises of you and now that he has achieved A1 for O level English, I believe the credit largely goes to you. Thank you so much!”

Mrs TongMother of Timothy, Sec 4, Dunman High Secondary School

“3 of us always turned up at the bottom few in class when it comes to English no matter how hard we worked. However, after 2 months of intensive training on our compo and compre techniques at Augustine’s secondary school English tuition, all 3 of us emerged in the top 5 of our class for our finals!”

Hui Xian, Joan and MichelleSec 3, River Valley High

“Thank you Teacher Augustine for helping me get my A*! English is now my favourite subject!

Tan Wei XiongPri 5, Maha Bodhi Primary School

“En Yu participated in two of the P4 June Holiday Programmes ~ Creative Writing and Intensive Revision. He told me that it’s the best ever English tuition class he had ever attended! Learning English with Teacher Augustine was so fun! Thank you, Teacher Augustine!

Shelen TanMother of En Yu, Pri 4

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