3 Common English Mistakes People Make

We often say that learning English, like any other language, goes beyond textbooks — we’re instead encouraged to read, speak, and consume more English media. However, there are still instances where we’ll have to go back to basics and hit the books. After all, English has its technical aspects too; admittedly, one of the more […]

Meaningful Careers for the English Language Lover

To many students, English is a troublesome but compulsory subject in school, in which there are no model answers and no textbook memorisation of the different components that English comprises. Enrolling your child at an English tuition centre would certainly help, but like any other subject, true mastery comes from having a genuine passion for […]

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

A person writing on a notebook

Writer’s block is something that affects everyone, from students to professional writers. Sometimes, ideas fail to materialise, and words and sentences fail to come together. Under time constraints, such as examinations, this could be a cause for concern for students to say the least. How then, can your child overcome writer’s block and unclog their […]

3 Ways to Create a Conducive Learning Environment for your Child

Child studying on online class

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be gradually receding as countries all over the world begin to reopen, its impact has been long-lasting. Take learning for instance, as students were made to attend classes online for extended periods during the pandemic. Adapting to vastly different environments can be difficult for some, and could even […]




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