Being Quick Thinking – Students’ Work no. 003

Beep. Boop. Beep. The hushed sound of my mobile phone echoed through the house. I laid on the sofa, wrapped snugly in my blanket as I tried to get to the next level of my game…

A Courageous Moment – Students’ Work no. 002

Ring! It was time for recess. The loud chairs being pushed back were followed by the succession of noisy chatter from my classmates. Ramping down the stairs like a herd of bulls gone wild, we could not wait to stuff ourselves with food…


A Travel Experience – Students’ Work no. 001

“Children! Time to leave home! The plane will not wait for us!” Zoey and her brother, Max, could hear their father shouting for them from the living room…

Oral Exams Tips: 3 Simple Steps For Perfect Reading

Oral Exams Tips: 3 Simple Steps For Perfect Reading

It’s easy to score the full 10 marks so long as you follow the 3 Steps For Perfect Reading. But of course, practice makes perfect!

descriptions for sadness

12 Awesome Descriptions For Sadness

Sadness – an emotion that everyone and anyone can easily relate to. It is one of the most popular emotions to use in school compositions. However, many students simply use the word “sad” to describe their character/s. Teach your child these descriptions to use in their compositions and they will immediately add depth to their stories.

Grammar Tips Part 1

Simple Grammar Rules & Tips: Part 1

In our Grammar Rules & Tips Part 1, we will cover 5 simple rules and tips that will help you avoid mistakes in English grammar!

improve writing skills

5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills

Writing — it’s an essential type of communication and a key aspect not just in the classroom, but in the working world as well. In any case, in the current technology driven world, our children simply aren’t given enough chances to rehearse and enhance their capacity to write. This leaves many parents desperately finding ways to enhance their child’s written work capacity. 

handle psle results

Handling Your Child’s PSLE Results

As our society focuses so much on academic results, it is likely that your child might define their self-worth based on their grades. It is very important for parents to be prepared for both the best and the worst outcome.

prepare for exams when one week left

Exams Tips: 7 Tips to prepare your child for the Primary school English exams when there is only 1 week left

Hello parents and primary school kids! I’m Teacher Augustine, and today, let me share with you the 7 tips that I share with my students for them to prepare for the English exams when there is only 1 week left.

Why Your Child Might Need English Tuition

Why Your Child Might Need English Tuition

English tuition centers are rapidly gaining popularity in Singapore even though English is our first language. There are many students who are interested in mastering the language while others have underplayed its importance. Here we have some of the reasons why your child might need to get English tuition as soon as possible.