steps to start a composition

Primary Writing Tips: 5 Steps To Start Right

It’s a bad habit to begin writing a composition straight away. Start off on the right foot by following these 5 essential steps and you will see a dramatic improvement in your results!

games to improve vocabulary

5 Simple Word Association Games To Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

Whether you want your child to learn new vocabulary words or just encourage them to think outside of the box, word association games can help! Try these 5 simple yet fun word association games with your child wherever you may be!

Descriptions For Guilt

12 Awesome Descriptions For Guilt

Guilt is a feeling that’s often neglected when it comes to writing at the primary level. Teach your child some of these useful descriptions to help him add some complexity in his writing, and trust me, his teacher will reward him for that.

8 Reasons Why Your Child Has To Read THE BFG

When I was a whole lot younger, Roald Dahl’s The BFG was one of my favourite books! When I stumbled upon it in the school library one day, I was absolutely fascinated by the heartwarming, magical story within the first chapter. Secretely, for a couple of months after reading the book, I wished that a Big Friendly Giant would visit me in the middle of the night and scoop me up! Hee hee😆

find a good English tuition centre

English Tuition in Singapore—Finding A Good English Tuition Centre

Singapore is a multilingual nation, but English takes precedence over other languages since it is widely used in the corporate and business environments. For this reason, it is essential that you consider giving extra tuition in English to your child. There are many centres offering tuition for primary and secondary level English, and it is a matter of preference which one you will settle for, there are certain things that you should look into when choosing an English tuition centre in Singapore.

Primary School English

A good English tuition centre for primary level is the best way to ensure that your children become masters of the language. There are several problem areas that English tuition in Singapore will focus on to ensure that your child in primary school learns all there is to the language.

For lower primary children, they usually have a problem with confidence in speaking, reading and writing English. For upper primary children, the challenges come in the form of gaining the proper comprehension strategies, composition techniques, and more importantly undertaking their PSLE exams.

Benefits of Professional English Tuition Service

Many parents and guardians sign up their children for tuition with one goal in mind; that they will learn English and gain mastery in the language. However, there are more benefits that await your child when you sign them up for English tuition in Singapore.

Your Child Interacts with Other English Speakers

When your child interacts with other English speakers, be it, tutors or peers, they get to practice their English speaking and writing skills. Besides this, they will make friends, some that they will maintain for life. By practicing the skills learnt in the classroom, they will be able to recall and have better conversations in English in a lesser time.

The Child’s Confidence Grows

One of the major problems facing primary level children is shyness especially when it comes to communicating in English. Your child will start getting better grades after a few sessions and this will improve their self-esteem and confidence. This will also set a good precedent for tackling life problems with confidence long after they leave school.

What Makes A Good English Tuition Centre for The Primary Level

We have a happy problem in that there are many tuition centres offering primary level English classes. But how can you tell if your pick is a good English centre for primary level children? Here are three points to consider

Quality of Tutors

The tutors are crucial in the formation of your child in the English language. It is necessary that the tutors be passionate about teaching as well as be caring to their students. These among other qualities will help them handle the variety of personalities in their class. In addition, a good English tuition centre for primary level ought to have high-end tutors certified by MOE.

Teaching Methods

Different English teaching methods cater to a variety of goals. A good English tuition centre for primary ought to make learning fun, which is what children in primary level need to gain interest in the subject. This can be done by using a variety of teaching methods to ensure that the lessons resonate with their students.

Secondary School English

English for secondary school students, on the other hand, is more advanced than in primary level, and students find it a challenge to keep up since the topics tested changes every year. English tuition for secondary level in Singapore mainly focuses on giving the student a stronger command and broader knowledge of the language.

In secondary level 1, 2 and 3, most students have challenges in comprehension and composition questions. For secondary level 4 students, the biggest challenge comes in preparing for the final exams, and tutors focus on ironing out common grammatical errors and teaching them the strategies of tackling exams.

Benefits of Getting English Tuition for Secondary Level

A secondary school student will have a better than average understanding of the English language than a primary level student, and despite this, there is a need to enrol them to English tuition for secondary school level. The benefits include

Better Exam Preparation

The English exams in secondary school irrespective of the level your child is in will significantly determine the confidence with which they tackle the final exam in level 4. By enrolling them in a tuition centre, they will be better prepared to handle comprehension and composition questions tested in exams.

Broader Knowledge and Skills

In an English tuition centre in Singapore, your child will benefit significantly from interacting with English speakers. This will give them a deeper understanding of the language as well as a broader view of what the world has to offer them.

Increased Confidence

Not only will the student learn the intricacies of the language, but they will have a chance to practice what they learn in class with their peers and tutors. Besides this, if the tuition is effective, their grades will improve, and so will their self-esteem and confidence.

What Makes A Good English Tuition Centre for The Secondary Level

Similar to the primary level, a good secondary level tuition centre should cater for the different needs of the students. For this, the tutors play a crucial role of ensuring the students get a good and effective tuition. Here is what you should consider in a good tuition centre for secondary level English


The tuition centre needs to be in an accessible neighbourhood to avoid students wasting time getting to their classes. This is important since the students have several subjects to think about and study for; besides, it is not proper that they should spend their time worrying of how they will attend their classes.

Class Size

This is an important factor when choosing a tuition centre since you want your child to get the maximum attention from the tutor. Tuition centres with large class sizes are not only a burden to the tutors but the students as well. For the teachers, managing a large group of students is frustrating, and for students, their doubts about secondary school English will remain uncleared. Go for tuition centres with smaller class sizes to ensure that your child gets good value for the tuition fees you are paying.

Learning Environment

A good tuition centre ought to provide a conducive environment for learning. This means that it should be void of any distracting external noises, well lit, and in a secure neighbourhood. This will go a long way in helping the students to concentrate on their studies.


English tuition in Singapore is essential in instilling the proper knowledge and skills to your child so that they can best be prepared for the modern business and corporate environment. By taking your children to an English tuition centre in Singapore, they will interact with different people, and in the process, they will forge lifelong friendships that will come in handy at a later point in life.

avoid the word because

12 Ways To Replace The Word ‘BECAUSE’

Many words or phrases can be used to set up an explanation. The most common and really REALLY overused one is “because”. Please encourage your child to stop using that word in his school compositions if he wants to score a little bit higher. Here are 12 alternatives to replace “because” and their merits.

improve child's writing skills

8 Ways To Help Build Your Child’s Writing Skills Right At Home

Writing is not an easy task for all students. For many struggling writers, writing assignments and assessments may leave students frustrated and discouraged. It is challenging to put thoughts into words on a page in an organized manner. The good news is that parents can support and enrich their children’s writing skills in the home environment.

Help Your Child Become An Independent Thinker

5 Steps To Help Your Child Become An Independent Thinker

A child must learn and master many skills and techniques before he leaves home for their higher studies. Children who develop critical independent thinking skills can be very successful in their life.

Teach Your Child Prepositions Of Place In 7 Steps

Prepositions of place are an important part of the English language and will enable your child to create more complex sentences. The meanings of basic prepositions and prepositional phrases are incredibly easy to demonstrate at home and your child can often guess their meanings.

5 Ways To Make Grammar Fun For Your Kid

Helping your child build a strong foundation is essential in helping him not just in scoring well for the English papers, but for all the other subjects (except for Mother Tongue) that are delivered in English.