Oral tips in English tuition

Oral Exams Tips: 3 Simple Steps For Perfect Reading

It’s easy to score the full 10 marks so long as you follow the 3 Steps For Perfect Reading. But of course, practice makes perfect!

descriptions for sadness

12 Awesome Descriptions For Sadness

Sadness – an emotion that everyone and anyone can easily relate to. It is one of the most popular emotions to use in school compositions. However, many students simply use the word “sad” to describe their character/s. Teach your child these descriptions to use in their compositions and they will immediately add depth to their stories.

Simple Grammar Rules & Tips: Part 1

For over 15 years, Augustine’s English Classes has helped hundreds of students fall in love with the subject and excelling in school exams. If you are interested to know how our classes work, or what our secret winning formula is, do feel free to drop us a message or give us a call.

5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Child's Writing Skills

5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills

Writing — it’s an essential type of communication and a key aspect of education. In any case, in the current technology driven world, our children simply aren’t given enough chances to rehearse and enhance their capacity to write.

Handling Your Child’s PSLE Results

Handling Your Child’s PSLE Results

As our society focuses so much on academic results, it is likely that your child might define his self-worth based on his grades. It is very important for parents to be prepared for both the best and the worst outcome.

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Exams Tips: 7 Tips to prepare your child for the Primary school English exams when there is only 1 week left

Prepare well for the English exams with these 7 simple tips!

English Tuition Singapore

Why Your Child Might Need English Tuition

English tuition centers are rapidly gaining popularity in Singapore even though English is our first language. Unfortunately, many have underplayed its importance.

5 Creative And Powerful Ways to Start Your Sentences

Primary Writing Tips: 5 Creative And Powerful Ways to Start Your Sentences

Use these 5 alternative constructions to start your sentences, and that will immediately make making your compositions a whole lot better!

Primary Exam Tips: Conquering The Comprehension Cloze

Stop losing marks in the comprehension cloze section. Follow these 4 steps to improve your score!

Primary Comprehension Tips: Knowing The 8 Question Types

Achieve better results in the comprehension section by understanding the different types of questions and the tips to answer them correctly!