Students’ Work: Jumping to Conclusions

Students’ Work: Jumping to Conclusions

Written by Asher Foo, Primary 4

Jayden was never a tactful person and as a result, he often offended people with his words. However, Jayden had a good friend named Isaac. Isaac was kind and caring. He always stood on Jayden’s side no matter what happens. Even when their classmates criticised Jayden for being rude and tactless, Isaac would try to convince them that Jayden will turn over a new leaf. However, one day, Jayden’s bad habit would prove too much, even for Isaac.

Ring! The melodious sound of the bell signalled the end of recess. Cluster after cluster of students sprinted up the stairs. Upon reaching the classroom, Jayden shrieked in horror, “Where is my pen?” His shout echoed loudly in classroom 4A. Jayden searched high and low. In the end, he found his pen lying on Isaac’s table. He was enraged. When Isaac walked into the classroom, Jayden demanded, “Why did you take my pen? Don’t you have your own pen?”

“What pen?” Isaac retorted, absolutely puzzled.

“Don’t lie. You know what you’ve done,” Jayden growled, arms akimbo, eyebrows furrowed.

A huge crowd was gathering around the two boys to witness the commotion. Isaac stared expressionlessly at Jayden, still trying to figure out what his best friend was accusing him of. Everyone around them started whispering, “Is Isaac really a thief?” Isaac’s face turned as red as a beetroot and he glared murderously at Jayden.

There was a moment of dead silence before Isaac blurted out, “You, of all people, should know that I wouldn’t take your pen!” Murmurs of agreement were heard.

The commotion had attracted the attention of the class’s form teacher, Mrs Tan, as she was walking past the classroom. She walked into the classroom and questioned one of the students to figure out what was happening. After which, she turned to Jayden and chastised him for jumping to conclusions. She was upset that Jayden had distrusted his best friend, Isaac. She explained that she had thought the pen on the floor belonged to Isaac and hence, placed it on his table when the class went for recess.

Jayden was flabbergasted. He realised he was wrong and was so embarrassed that he hung his head in shame. Immediately, he apologised meekly to Isaac, wondering if he would ever forgive him.

This argument had made Jayden realise how tactless he truly was. He had been best friends with Isaac for such a long time and yet he distrusted him and even accused him of such a small matter.

That evening, Jayden spent an hour writing an email to Isaac. In the email, he rattled on about what he had done wrong earlier in the morning, what he wanted to change, and apologised sincerely for wrongly accusing him. He also learnt to never jump to conclusions ever again.

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