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Top Rated O-Level English Tuition For Secondary School Students

Our secondary curriculum fosters a global mindset, catering to school requirements and emphasising the immediate significance of learning.

Engaging discussions, peer evaluation, and a supportive atmosphere expose students to fresh ideas and diverse perspectives. We offer ample skill practice, practical modules, and exploration of real-world issues, cultivating knowledge and enjoyment. Materials cover various topic, techniques, and processes, equipping students for intricate secondary school content and tasks.


Our O-level English Tuition will help students develop independent thought that translates into precise, cogent and structured writing

Critical Thinking

The students from our O-level English Tuition Centre will be able to break down complex passages by analysing the language used and thinking through multiple perspectives

Paper Mastery

The students are expected to learn the necessary techniques to handle all the components in the English examination effectively after taking the O-level English Tuition

Key Learning Objectives of our English Tuition for Secondary:

Augustine’s English Classes is an O-level English Tuition Centre in Singapore that focuses on the following objectives:

1. Building up their writing skills by learning how to express their thoughts and opinions in an organised and fluent manner.

2. Honing their comprehension skills by learning how to identify question types and recognise corresponding question requirements.

3. Improving their summary skills by learning how to locate relevant information within a text and summarise content in a coherent manner.

Secondary School English Tuition

Getting Ready for O-Level English

Getting ready for O-Level English can be quite challenging, and it’s a common perception that it’s one of the more demanding subjects. Many students find themselves overwhelmed by the various elements assessed in the examination, and they may struggle to determine how to enhance their performance in each area. Some students might feel discouraged and decide not to prepare for O-Level English, assuming that their English proficiency is fixed and cannot be improved, resulting in consistent grades of Bs or Cs.

If you’ve been feeling perplexed and resigned when it comes to secondary school English, there’s no need to lose hope any longer! It’s never too early or too late to start preparing for O-Level English. The key is to avoid resigning yourself to an unchangeable destiny and instead take the necessary steps to enhance your English skills, no matter when or where you begin!

Augustine’s Approach to Secondary School English Tuition

At Augustine’s English Classes, we have a strong sense of empathy for our students when it comes to the intricate challenges presented by O-Level English. We are dedicated to ensuring that each aspect of O-Level English becomes not only approachable but also enriching for our students. With our meticulously designed curriculum, our goal is to help students uncover the beauty and significance of the English language, making the process of studying it more enjoyable and engaging!

In addition to the practical advantage of enhancing your chances of securing a spot in your preferred tertiary institution, here are some compelling reasons why we think you should place a high priority on thorough preparation for your O-Level English path:

Mastering the components of O-Level English not only equips you for future real-world responsibilities but also provides invaluable skills. Situational Writing, for instance, hones your ability to craft professional emails for prospective employers and compelling articles for budding journalists. The fundamentals of Expository Writing can be a valuable asset when composing clear, research papers during your university years. Engaging in Editing practices will turn you into a keen-eyed error detector, an essential skill for identifying your own mistakes in the future. Additionally, the Oral component nurtures your confidence and fluency for upcoming interviews.

Exploring the various aspects of O-Level English can ignite a passion for the subject or other interests. When encountering captivating Narrative passages in comprehension, you might be inspired to seek out the source and develop a love for reading. Likewise, tackling thought-provoking Non-Narrative passages about topics like the the definition of happiness or the education system of Singapore can lead to the discovery of new interests you never knew you had. Wordstruck carefully selects passages to stimulate such bursts of interest and critical thinking, making the reading experience more enjoyable.

Finally, O-Level English fosters critical thinking. Inference questions in comprehension require you to read between the lines and go beyond the explicit information. Expository writing topics encourage deep reflection on various subjects as you construct well-reasoned arguments. Developing the ability to think critically is an essential skill in today’s information-rich world, which can sometimes overwhelm with an abundance of data.

Why hesitate any longer? Give our engaging and educational lessons at Augustine’s English Classes a chance today!

Unlocking Exam Success in O-Level English

Addressing the O-Level English Paper: Approaches and Analysis

Transitioning from primary school English to secondary school English demands thoughtful and meticulous planning. Given the advanced nature of secondary school English education, it becomes more imperative than ever to adopt a structured approach that equips our students with the essential examination strategies and techniques necessary for upcoming school assessments and O-Level English examinations. To ensure that our students have a clear understanding of these requirements, we engage them in exercises aimed at dissecting the passages and the questions presented, whether in the domains of writing, comprehension, or oral communication. At Augustine’s English Classes, our students are well-prepared to consistently achieve their best. As a reputable English tuition provider for secondary school students, we have full confidence in our teaching methods.

The objective of our O-Level English Tuition Center: Cultivate a generation of empowered change-makers, armed with the skills to navigate O-Level English assessments and the communication abilities to make a meaningful impact in any setting they find themselves.

Secondary English Tuition

O-Level English: Streamlined Components, yet Deeper Understanding and Wider Horizons

While O-Level English may appear to have fewer components, it’s important not to mistake it for simplicity. Our O-Level English tuition instructors understand the academic demands and are ready to enhance learning in these areas. By engaging in thoughtful discussions on vital topics using our thematic approach, students will expand their viewpoints and gain a genuine appreciation for the influence of the English language in their lives.

English is not merely acquired for examination purposes; it serves as a tool for creativity and an integral part of our daily lives.

The Advantages Your Child Will Gain Through Our Secondary English Tuition

  1. Achieve a methodical and goal-oriented approach to O-Level English components (precise adherence to question requirements and strategic question breakdown).
  2. Utilise English in a grammatically sound and context-appropriate manner for effective communication and impact.
  3. Experience a notable improvement by the upcoming exam (typically resulting in an additional 10-20 marks).
  4. Cultivate self-assurance and a genuine appreciation for English and its intricacies.
Secondary English Tuition Singapore

What Makes Lessons at Augustine’s English Classes Unique as Compared to Other Secondary English Tuition Centres?

How can you confirm that learning has occurred? You can ascertain it when you can effectively teach it to others.

Our students not only showcase their comprehension of techniques and question formats during their exercises, but they are also encouraged to explain these concepts to their classmates.

In addition to learning from meticulously designed materials within a supportive atmosphere, your child will leave our classroom with a sense of empowerment. These are some of the factors that set us apart as the best English tuition provider in Singapore!

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Specific Strategies

Key strategies

to cover all sections of the paper

In-House Curriculum

In-house Curriculum

periodically updated to align with MOE’s assessment formats

Highly Experienced Teachers

Highly experienced teachers

instructed to implement our distinct teaching approach

Thematic Approach

Thematic approach

to spark conversations about real-world topics

Collaborative Learning Setting

Collaborative learning setting

with small class size of 10

Direct Line of Communication

Direct line of communication

periodic updates on your child’s progress

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Parents' and Students' Testimonials About Our English Tuition

Google Rating
Thank you Augustine for teaching my son Luke these past years! He's happy that he scored well for his PSLE English. It was Augustine's class that Luke would eagerly reach 45 mins earlier! Augustine's teaching methods are unique, fun and motivating. His classes propelled Luke to excel in his English. I highly recommend Augustine English tuition centre!
Carol Lim
Carol Lim
Today received psle result of my younger daughter. Manage to score good result in English language thanks to Augustine Tuition. My elder daughter (also attended Augustine Tuition) got the same score two years ago in psle English. I think Augustine provided very good English learning techniques, materials and tips for his student. In my perspective, this tuition is probably the key factor in both my daughters' outstanding results in psle English language. Strongly recommended.
Michael Yee
Michael Yee
Augustine is an excellent English teacher who is passionate about his subject. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students succeed. My children have learned so much from him, and I am confident that they will continue to do well in English because of his instructions. One of the ways that Mr. Augustine has helped my children improve their writing skills is by providing them with regular feedback and guidance. He always takes the time to read their work carefully and offer specific suggestions for how they can improve their grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. He also provides them with helpful tips on how to organize their thoughts and ideas more effectively. As a result my children have become much more confident writers. They are now able to write clear, concise, and well-organized essays that make a strong argument. He also keep them engaged through prizes and games on class participation/performance activities.
Vandita Pande
Vandita Pande
My children’s grades improved significantly due to the fun and engaging teachings. Augustine is encouraging and my children look forward to their classes every time. Highly recommended.
Angelene Tan
Angelene Tan
My sons learnt memorisation techniques to help them overcome the common mistakes in MCQ, and an enriched vocabulary which helped them in essay writing. Besides teaching the subject, Augustine cares keenly about his students' wellbeing and will provide feedback to clarify out-of-norm behaviour that he observed in class. My boys enjoy going to his class (almost six years now) as he has a unique way to keep them engaged and motivated. I also appreciate that Augustine has been very accommodating when we have conflicts in schedules; he will work closely with us to make up for the missed lessons.
Leona Kor
Leona Kor
Chloe enjoys the lesson each week. Initially she found it challenging, however teacher Augustine keeps on encouraging her, she slowly gain confidence in herself. Thank you teacher Augustine!
Esther Lee
Esther Lee
My daughter started attending Augustine's English Classes in January of this year. I'm glad that her English has improved significantly, especially her composition. Her confidence in learning English has also increased. Teacher Augustine has a unique way of teaching and encouraging students. My daughter is very motivated and enjoys his classes. The classroom environment is comfortable, and there is a little entertainment before class for students to decompress. I am extremely pleased with my decision to choose this tuition centre for my daughter's education.
Chiu Min Lim
Chiu Min Lim
Noticed Ivan increased interest in English after a few lessons in your class. Your dedication to your students is much appreciated. Thank you.
Wee Beng Lim
Wee Beng Lim
Sarah has gained confidence in writing her essay and most importantly her results has improved and she enjoyed attending her lesson weekly. Thank you to Mr Augustine, wish we found you sooner.
Jun H.T.
Jun H.T.

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