Advanced Writing Programme

Advanced Writing For Primary and Secondary Students

Our advanced writing programme for primary and secondary students is dedicated to improving their writing skills for school exams. We focus on essay structure, content development, and precise writing techniques.
Experienced teachers guide students through thematic topics and writing practice, offering continuous feedback and encouraging self-assessment to boost confidence. Our program is designed to help students excel in the writing component of their school exams.


Convey thoughts with conviction, eloquence and sophistication in written form

Critical Thinking
Be able to develop and express independent thoughts supported by real world facts, evidence and perspectives
Content Mastery
Consolidate and apply accumulated knowledge with precision and coherence

Key Learning Objectives of our Advanced Writing Programme for Primary and Secondary:

Augustine’s English Classes is a English Tuition Centre in Singapore that focuses on the following objectives:

1. Improve students writing through clear, coherent, and creative expression in essays, narratives, and persuasive texts.

2. Foster critical thinking skills for analyzing texts, asking questions, and crafting informed written responses.

3. Emphasize grammar, vocabulary, and organization to help students convey thoughts, opinions, and arguments precisely.

Preparing and Studying for Paper 1 Composition

If you’ve been facing difficulties with the writing component of your primary and secondary school English exams like PSLE and O level, don’t be discouraged! It’s never too early or too late to start preparing for these crucial writing assessments. English writing can be particularly challenging, and you might feel overwhelmed by its various aspects. Some students may struggle with expressing themselves effectively through writing. However, it’s important to know that improvement is attainable. Don’t give up on the idea of better writing scores; take steps to enhance your writing skills and excel in the writing component of your PSLE and O level exams.

PSLE and O Level Writing Components: Let’s All Be Exam-Smart

How do we tackle Paper 1: Strategies & Analysis

Handling the composition component of PSLE and O level exams requires a strategic approach and keen analysis. Firstly, students are trained to carefully read and understand the given topic, identifying the key themes or ideas they need to incorporate into their composition. Planning is crucial, so creating an outline or mind map to organise thoughts is helpful. Effective use of descriptive language, vivid imagery, and varied sentence structures can elevate the quality of writing. Additionally, analysing model compositions and seeking feedback from our experienced teachers provide valuable insights for improvement. Ultimately, Augustine’s English Classes students are ready to achieve their best each and every single time. As a good English tuition for primary and secondary students, we are confident in our methods.

Our aim as an English Tuition Centre: Grow a generation of change agents equipped with techniques to handle the PSLE and O Level English assessment to create an impact wherever they are planted.

Empowering Your Child's PSLE and O Level Writing Skills: Excelling in Composition

Our expert English tutors are equipped to help your child excel in the writing component of their exams. We focus on teaching essential techniques for composition writing, including grammar, synthesis, and expression. Beyond exam preparation, we believe that English is a valuable tool for fostering creativity and personal expression.

With our guidance, your child will not only succeed in their PSLE and O Level English exams but also develop a deep appreciation for the power of language in conveying ideas and emotions.

How Your Child Will Benefit From Our Advanced Writing Programme

  1. Become purposeful and structured in approaching PSLE and O Level English writing components (precision in adhering to the question requirements, application of strategies to break down questions)
  2. Use English in a grammatical and appropriate manner to convey meaning and achieve impact in various contexts
  3. Improvement by the next exam (typically 5-10 more marks)
  4. Develop confidence and a love for English and its intricacies

What Makes Lessons at Augustine’s English Classes Different From Other English Tuition Centres?

How can you be sure that learning has occurred? It’s when you’re capable of teaching it yourself. 

Our students not only demonstrate their comprehension of techniques and question formats during practice but also have opportunities to explain these concepts to their peers. Alongside learning from meticulously crafted materials and within a nurturing environment, your child will confidently step out of our classroom. These are some of the factors that distinguish us as the Best English tuition centre in Singapore!

Specific Strategies
Proven Methods

for each section of the paper

In-House Curriculum
In-house Materials

updated regularly to align with MOE’s assessment formats

Highly Experienced Teachers
Seasoned Teachers

trained to deliver our unique teaching methodology

Thematic Approach
Theme-based Approach

to stimulate discussion on real world issues

Collaborative Learning Setting
Cooperative Learning

with small class size of 10

Direct Line of Communication
Open Communication

periodic updates on your child’s progress

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Some Of Our Students' Testimonials

Google Rating
My son started his English tuition with Augustine's English classes at the start of Secondary 1 in January as I was worried that he was unable to handle his school English exam papers because he didn't perform well for his PSLE English paper. However, to my surprise, he managed to achieve an A1 for his Sec 1 final year exams. I believe the credit largely goes to Teacher Augustine for his guidance and his patience. Thank you, Teacher Augustine.
Yi Ming Wee
Yi Ming Wee
We can't thank Teacher Augustine enough. When our son joined in the middle of P5, he struggled with English, getting around AL5-AL6 for his tests. But fast forward one year later, with Teacher Augustine’s amazing teaching, our son surprised us all by achieving AL2 in his PSLE. It's been a remarkable journey, and we're so grateful for the support and positive impact on his learning. Highly recommend Augustine's English Classes to other parents looking for a good English tuition centre!
Linda Goh
Linda Goh
I would like to share my positive experience with Augustine's English Classes. Thanks to their dedicated teaching and support, my son significantly improved his English skills, ultimately achieving an A1 in his Sec 3 English exams. The effective teaching methods and unwavering commitment truly make this tuition center stand out. Grateful for the positive impact on my son's academic journey. Highly recommended!
David Seah
David Seah
Augustine's English Classes has been a transformative experience for our family. With three children going through the challenges of both primary and secondary education, we've witnessed remarkable progress, all thanks to the exceptional teaching methods employed by Teacher Augustine. The key highlight of Teacher Augustine's approach is the simplicity and clarity with which intricate techniques for writing and comprehension are taught in class. Teacher Augustine has a unique ability to break down complex concepts into digestible bits, making it easier for students to grasp and apply in their school English papers. The two older ones, tackling secondary education, have done quite well for the subject under Teacher Augustine's guidance, demonstrating enhanced comprehension skills and analytical thinking. Our youngest child, currently in primary school, has not only improved his grades but also developed a newfound confidence in expressing ideas through writing. In summary, Augustine's English classes has been an invaluable investment in our children's education. If you're seeking a program that goes beyond conventional teaching, providing a solid foundation and a genuine passion for English, look no further. Teacher Augustine's dedication and effective teaching methodologies make this an outstanding choice for any student aspiring to excel in school English exams.
Joelle Lin
Joelle Lin
Our P3 son has been doing great in English, all thanks to Teacher Augustine's amazing classes. The way he makes learning fun has really worked wonders. Our kid is not just enjoying the classes but is also learning a lot. If you're looking for English classes that your child will love and benefit from, Augustine's English Classes is the way to go! Highly recommend!
Gibert Chen
Gibert Chen
Thank you Augustine for teaching my son Luke these past years! He's happy that he scored well for his PSLE English. It was Augustine's class that Luke would eagerly reach 45 mins earlier! Augustine's teaching methods are unique, fun and motivating. His classes propelled Luke to excel in his English. I highly recommend Augustine English tuition centre!
Carol Lim
Carol Lim
Today received psle result of my younger daughter. Manage to score good result in English language thanks to Augustine Tuition. My elder daughter (also attended Augustine Tuition) got the same score two years ago in psle English. I think Augustine provided very good English learning techniques, materials and tips for his student. In my perspective, this tuition is probably the key factor in both my daughters' outstanding results in psle English language. Strongly recommended.
Michael Yee
Michael Yee
Augustine is an excellent English teacher who is passionate about his subject. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students succeed. My children have learned so much from him, and I am confident that they will continue to do well in English because of his instructions. One of the ways that Mr. Augustine has helped my children improve their writing skills is by providing them with regular feedback and guidance. He always takes the time to read their work carefully and offer specific suggestions for how they can improve their grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. He also provides them with helpful tips on how to organize their thoughts and ideas more effectively. As a result my children have become much more confident writers. They are now able to write clear, concise, and well-organized essays that make a strong argument. He also keep them engaged through prizes and games on class participation/performance activities.
Vandita Pande
Vandita Pande
My children’s grades improved significantly due to the fun and engaging teachings. Augustine is encouraging and my children look forward to their classes every time. Highly recommended.
Angelene Tan
Angelene Tan

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