Our Centre

The Learning Core

A spacious learning environment that helps our students to learn faster and better
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Gentle energy of the yellow colour promotes better learning of languages and other creative pursuits.

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Sitting together facilitates in discussions among the students which increased understanding, empathy, and higher-order thinking.
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Integrating technology in education helps students stay engaged and gain access the most up-to-date information faster.

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And of course, we provide an array of essential stationaries for our students to work productively and efficiently.


A mini clubhouse designed specifically for our students’ exclusive usage on all days
A dedicated study corner for
students to finish up with their
homework or revise their
The specially curated library
with books selected for the
different ages helps with the
mental and intellectual growth
of a growing child.
The ultimate relaxation and
relief from stress, bean bag
chairs are ideal for the students
to catch up on some reading.
A discussion zone for students
to learn and help one another,
promoting the better
understanding of topics.

Discovery Cove

A secret enclave for our students to explore worlds beyond the confines of a classroom
Inspired by nature, the pebble cushions don’t just give comfort but help to arouse curiosity in children in understanding nature.
Using media to showcase complex ideas and connect theories taught in the classroom with real world events and policies.
A collection of Mensa Select games allows the students to exercise their critical thinking in a challenging, unique and competitive environment.
During the school holidays, our students can enjoy TV games that foster teamwork and boost cognitive abilities!

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