How to Prepare for the O-Level English Oral Examination

How to Prepare for the O-Level English oral examination

How to Prepare for the O-Level English Oral Examination

Are you concerned that your child may struggle with the O-Level English oral examination? Don’t worry, we have some simple ways to help them prepare for the big day. Our O-Level English tuition classes are designed to train students and help them excel in the O-Level English oral examination.

What is the O-Level English Oral Examination?

The O-Level English Oral Examination contributes 20% to a student’s overall grade. It consists of a planned response and spoken-interaction component, each carrying 15 marks.

Criteria for O-Level English Oral Examination

In the planned response component, students watch a video and answer a related question. Their ability to effectively plan and present ideas is assessed.

The spoken-interaction component evaluates students’ conversational skills on topics related to the video. Clarity of language, ability to respond, and sustain a discussion are assessed.

Common Struggles & Mistakes

Making mistakes in the oral examination is normal, but it’s crucial to learn from them. Common mistakes include low voice projection, not including personal experiences in responses, and going off-topic.

How to do well for o-levels oral tips

Tips to Excel

Treat the invigilators like friends

Treat the invigilators like your friends to feel less anxious and improve conversation flow.

Be natural

Be natural and relaxed to build rapport and leave a lasting impression.

Voice projection

Project your voice clearly to show confidence and ensure examiners can hear you.

Give well-structured explanations

Provide detailed and well-structured explanations and use personal experiences to illustrate points effectively.

Observe how journalists and reporters speak

Observe journalists and reporters for effective speaking skills and handling pressure.

Practise, practise and more practice

Practice extensively with oral examination questions, record and assess your performance to identify areas for improvement.

Improve your oral skills with us at Augustine’s English Classes!

The oral examination component contributes significantly to the overall English grade. Excelling in oral examinations can help improve the overall grade. Augustine’s English Classes offers a comprehensive curriculum from Secondary 1 to 4, covering various topics and skills relevant to O-Level English. Schedule a trial to help your child enhance their abilities and prepare them for the O-Level examinations.

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