How to Overcome Writer’s Block

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something that affects everyone, from students to professional writers. Sometimes, ideas fail to materialise, and words and sentences fail to come together. Under time constraints, such as examinations, this could be a cause for concern for students to say the least. How then, can your child overcome writer’s block and unclog their mind to press on? In this article, we’ll explore a few simple tips to get out of that writing slump; tips that our English tuition centre also advocates for more effective writing.

Change up Your Routine

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Often, a change in scenery can trigger an inspiration in you as you are surrounded by new sights and sounds, in a new environment. If your child is often writing at home, they could perhaps consider going to a cafe, a dedicated study area elsewhere; sometimes, even a different room could be enough. Here at Augustine English Classes’ English tuition centre, we may not be able to take students to different places, but we do have different rooms and study corners where they can find inspiration through sights, sounds, and various activities.

Write Your Struggles on Paper

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It is said that an emotional writer is the best kind of writer, because they’re able to “infuse” feelings into every word they write. Similarly, writer’s block is a source of frustration, but instead of letting it simmer in their mind, get your child to write about their frustrations — about what they don’t like about their writing; the issues they’re facing with the current piece they’re writing; as well as their concerns and complaints. It works similar to how a person would vent their frustrations to a listening ear in order to clear their minds; having an outlet to vent and flush out their emotions can be a cathartic experience. Our English tuition in Singapore is more than just an academic supplement; we also nurture our students mentally and emotionally to be more effective and responsible learners with the right support system.

Start Conversations with Different People

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While it might not be the safest idea for young students to start conversing with random strangers, they can still do so safely in the confines of their classrooms, school, and our English tuition centre. Talking to new folks can allow students to view different perspectives on a variety of topics, which can also encourage them to also view their essay ideas from different angles.

Read Different Genres of Books

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One of the most effective ways to overcome writer’s block is to read more books, and the more diverse the titles, the better. Reading not only strengthens your child’s vocabulary, they are also exposed to more ideas, writing styles, and ways to write in general. This gives your child more proverbial arrows in their quiver to overcome writer’s block. Here at our English tuition in Singapore, students have access to a wide variety of books to enjoy and develop an interest in reading.

Turn to Traditional Methods

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Sometimes, the best way to overcome writer’s block is to turn to methods that have been widely used by many writers — take a nap; find inspiration from all corners of the Internet; or even write freely without restrictions until something clicks. Writer’s block is inevitable no matter how skilled a writer your child is. These methods aren’t designed to eliminate writer’s block, but rather, how to work around it and rise above that hurdle. Our English tuition centre emphasises psychological and intellectual aspects of learning in equal parts, and we strive to create a healthy and holistic learning environment that will bring out the best in our students.

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