How to Make Learning English Fun for Kids

How to Make Learning English Fun for Kids

How to Make Learning English Fun for Kids

English is a difficult subject to learn as not everything can be taught through textbooks and practice papers. More than any other subject, it requires a holistic approach that draws learning experiences from real-life elements and situations; and given the importance of English as an international language, it’s important for your child to build a strong foundation in the language from an early age, when the brain is still developing. To do that, they will need to first be interested in learning English; at that age, fun is the incentive. How then, can we make learning English fun for kids? From telling stories to enrolling them in an English tuition centre, here are some simple but effective tips to consider.


Teacher reading stories to kids PSLE English tuition

Whether you’re narrating from an actual storybook or making one up, or recounting your own, kids love a good story, and the more compelling the story is, the more eager they are to sit through it all. This is a great opportunity for you to weave in aspects of good English, like proper grammar, fluid sentence structures, and even new vocabulary. Regular storytelling allows kids to get used to how proper English sounds like, setting the benchmark for them to follow. To get your child more interested in your stories, it’s important to know what their interests are so your stories lean towards those elements. This is just one of the various fun activities that some English tuition centres can offer as part of their English programmes.

Encourage Reading

Kids reading PSLE English tuition

Reading from an early age is crucial to building a strong linguistic foundation in your child, as it exposes them to different writing styles and creative ways to express ideas through written word. Reading also encourages your child to let their imagination run free and feel the whole spectrum of emotions that they should feel by reading a good story. All they need to do now is to channel that imagination and emotions into their writing, and that’s where Augustine English Classes can help make that connection through our writing programmes conducted at our English tuition centre. We aim to refine your child’s ideas and turn them into coherent stories whilst equipping them with skills and techniques to better translate them into words.

Learning through Songs

Kids singing english tuition centre

A common way for language students of all ages to learn their respective languages better is through songs, as they are a universal medium for expressing emotions, messages, and teachings, aided by catchy melodies that tend to stay in one’s memory longer. With so many different genres of music around, you should be able to compile an extensive selection of songs that kids can enjoy whilst subconsciously learning the language at the same time. However, do your due diligence to ensure that the lyrics are family friendly!

Enrol them in English Tuition

Enrolled kids in english tuition in Singapore

Ensuring that your child’s learning is consistent and fruitful requires dedicated and constant guidance, and sometimes that’s just not possible at home if you have a busy schedule or just do not have the right tools and expertise to facilitate your child’s learning. It would perhaps be better then to enrol them at an English tuition centre, where there will be professional tutors who are to oversee their development and accurately identify areas that can be improved, while keeping lessons fun and engaging, especially for our young students.

Augustine English Classes is an English tuition centre dedicated to helping students improve their command of the language through holistic learning that develops both knowledge and character as they go hand in hand in sustained growth. Augustine, our principal tutor, is also experienced and well versed in teaching students at Primary and Secondary levels, whether it’s O-Level English tuition or PSLE English tuition. He is a firm believer in nurturing in every student an unwavering self belief and a natural hunger to learn and challenge themselves to do better each day. For more information about our English tuition programmes and teaching methodology, please visit our website.

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