Students’ Work: A Travel Experience


Students’ Work: A Travel Experience

Clarius Lim, Primary 4

“Children! Time to leave home! The plane will not wait for us!” Zoey and her brother, Max, could hear their father shouting for them from the living room. It was an exciting morning for the family as they were heading to the airport to catch a flight. Zoey and Max were thrilled beyond words. They had been waiting for this day to come since the start of the school holiday.

Zoey and her family booked a taxi to go to the airport. Upon arrival, they saw lines forming quickly in front of the immigration counters. They quickened their footsteps to the immigration counters as they wanted to have a light breakfast before boarding the plane.

Finally, the family boarded the plane, filled with anticipation of what was to come. Soon, the aircraft ascended into the clear blue sky. Max turned on the television screen in front of him to watch his favourite movie. Meanwhile, Zoey got bored almost instantaneously and ended up falling asleep.

After spending two hours in the air, they finally arrived in Ho Chi Ming city. Zoey and her family quickly disembarked the plane and took a taxi to their hotel for a short rest.

After a short rest, they went to a restaurant opposite their hotel to have their favourite beef noodle, Pho, for lunch. When they were done with their meal, a restless Zoey suggested, “Can we go to the zoo now, please?” Immediately, the happy-go-lucky family took a taxi to the zoo as requested by Zoey.

When the family reached the zoo, there was a suspicious man in a blue shirt lurking around the entrance. However, they were too engrossed in taking photographs and were oblivious to their surroundings.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The sound of a bell attracted Max’s attention. He turned his head around and saw an ice cream cart.

“Hey! Zoey! Want to get some ice cream?” asked Max.

“Sure!” Zoey replied in delight.

After seeking permission from their parents, Zoey hastily slid her phone into her back pocket and followed Max to get their frozen treats.

Within seconds, a crowd of people has formed in front of the ice cream cart. While Zoey was trying to squeeze through the crowd, the suspicious man walked past Zoey, slipped his hand into her back pocket, and took her phone.

“Zoey! Someone just took your phone!” Zoey heard her mother shouted from behind. She turned back and saw a man running away with her phone in his hand.

“Someone help! That man over there took my phone!” Zoey shouted while pointing at the man who was running away.

 Just then, a big burly man starting giving chase to the thief while her father took off from where he was. Zoey’s mother quickly called for the police and told them what had happened.

A few minutes later, the policeman arrived as the burly man returned with the thief in his hands. Zoey and her family thanked the man profusely for his help. Just then, Zoey’s dad came back, dragging his feet behind him, and said, “I really need to start exercising, don’t I.” Everyone burst out laughing.

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