3 Ways to Create a Conducive Learning Environment for your Child

Child studying on online class

3 Ways to Create a Conducive Learning Environment for your Child

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be gradually receding as countries all over the world begin to reopen, its impact has been long-lasting. Take learning for instance, as students were made to attend classes online for extended periods during the pandemic. Adapting to vastly different environments can be difficult for some, and could even disrupt learning momentum if they’re unable to adjust. Despite the easing of restrictions, expect your child to be doing more learning at home, or even at external venues, such as an English tuition centre. How then, can you help your child create a conducive learning environment? Here are some simple tips.

Creating a Comfortable Space

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Comfort can be a double-edged sword at times, straddling the line between keeping your child in a relaxed state of mind to facilitate studying, and distracting them. It’s therefore important to find the middle ground between two ends of the spectrum, and there are ways to go about doing this, such as dedicating a part of your home to create a quiet and comfortable space dedicated to their learning. Ideally, this space would be different from where they relax, eat, or sleep, as the mental association could also be a potential distraction. Provide chairs that encourage proper posture, declutter the space, and allow your child the autonomy to decorate that space as they please, within reason. This enables them to take ownership of their study space, and by extension, their learning.

Here at Augustine English Classes, our English tuition centre comprises similar experiences in that we too have dedicated learning areas to help your child stay focused whilst enhancing their learning experience.

Providing Unconditional Support and Attention

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Sometimes, it’s not just about material things that make a space conducive; your presence and support as a parent matters too; after all, learning is intellectual and psychological in equal parts. Every child yearns to have a sense of self and belonging, which should be met by loving, available, present, and supportive parents; no child can truly thrive without feeling loved and heard. Knowing that there’s a family supporting them through thick and thin can really motivate students to keep learning and developing. Yet, the rigours of Singapore’s frenetic pace of life can cause a strain even to close-knit families. If you feel your child requires additional emotional support outside school, consider Augustine English Classes’ English tuition in Singapore, as these are the very values that we strongly advocate and strive to uphold in every class that we teach.

Giving Access to Books

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Every conducive learning environment requires a dedicated reading corner, and with it, an abundance of books across different genres. Children who read stand to gain an advantage intellectually, as they often possess better vocabulary, writing skills, concentration (try reading a Harry Potter book in one sitting), imagination — the list goes on. While not every child is naturally inclined to read, it might be better to first understand what their interests are and align those with the books you choose for them. This helps them embrace reading instead of seeing it as a chore. As a parent, you can also set an example for them by nurturing a habit for reading if you haven’t done so already. Here at our English tuition centre, we also give students access to a wide variety of books, as well as the time and space to enjoy them amidst their already busy academic schedules.

Language subjects like English are much easier to grasp when your child is in a conducive learning environment that helps nurture different aspects of the language. At Augustine English Classes, our students are backed in every sense, both in resources and in emotional support. Check out our programmes and methodologies on our website for more information.

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