3 Benefits of Learning the English Language

3 Benefits of learning the english language

3 Benefits of Learning the English Language

The English Language is the most widely spoken language in the world, with 1.5 billion users, or about a quarter of the world’s population. It is often the default global language, evidenced by the fact that many major global summits, conferences, and other events are communicated in English. Closer to home, English is also the default language in Singapore and is almost always a prerequisite for higher education and employment; there’s a reason why English is the only non-negotiable O-Level subject. Let’s take a look at 3 key benefits of learning English, and how enrolling your child in an English tuition centre can help them gain an even stronger command of the language.

International Communication

English illustration on international communication in Singapore

The fact that 25% of the world’s population speak English means that learning English will enable your child to communicate with 25% of the world. One of the most important resources in the world today is connections; opening more doors to opportunities around the world by reaching out to the international community, with English being the bridge that connects these international-size gaps. This also instils a more global outlook in your child, allowing them to perceive their lives beyond Singapore’s shores. There is one caveat in Singapore, however, and that is the prevalence of Singlish that negatively impacts attempts to communicate effectively in English. Here at Augustine English Classes’ English tuition centre, we will provide a disciplined speaking environment where students will learn how to articulate correctly.

Employment Opportunities

Someone getting hired in english tuition centre

It’s no secret that one needs to at least be able to speak English in a professional setting as part of the requirements of many, if not all jobs in Singapore. It’s even more important in professions that require its employees to regularly communicate across different departments or even with colleagues from other countries altogether, sometimes even giving presentations under those settings that require a strong command of English, as well as eloquent speaking abilities. The reality is that if your child wishes to establish themselves in any career, how they carry themselves matters, and English will play a big part in accomplishing that. This is where English tuition in Singapore like Augustine English Classes can help, by building your child’s English proficiency, and building a strong foundation that will serve them well in the years to come.

Improving Communication Skills

Illustration of different people communicating in english tuition centre

Communication skills are just as essential even if your child doesn’t end up in a corporate job in future. It encompasses everyday interactions, from interacting with your peers, to going to the post office — everyday activities that we hardly notice at all, but are still fundamental to our very existence. Having a strong grasp of English will help your child express their thoughts, desires, emotions, and more, to the people around them, making them more effective communicators. More than just articulation, communication can also be improved upon with better grammar and vocabulary to express a wider range of thoughts and emotions. With dedicated English tuition in Singapore, your child will be guided by knowledgeable and committed English tutors, just like Augustine, our principal tutor with considerable experience nurturing students and equipping them with the skills to not only excel in English examinations, but thrive in the subsequent stages of their lives.

Get your child the headstart in English that they deserve, with Augustine English Classes. Please visit our website for more information on the various English programmes that we offer.

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