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The Adventure Begins Here

At Augustine’s English Classes, we strive to make every single lesson an adventure. We believe that learning English should always be a meaningful and enjoyable process, and never by rote.

This is because where there is interest, there is curiosity and a desire to know more – strengthening your child’s motivation to learn and igniting the inner drive to achieve better results.

Furthermore, through our unique 3-step learning process for every topic, we don’t just give impart knowledge to your child, we help them to develop higher-order thinking skills like metacognition, critical thinking and logical reasoning. So no matter what they choose to pursue, they will be equipped for success.

Let’s get your child ready.


“My son had been getting Cs and Ds since P5. Finally, I decided to enrol him in Augustine’s English group class 6 months before his PSLE. I was hoping for a pass but when the results came out, it was nothing short of a miracle! My son had gotten himself an A! Thank you so much, August!”

Patricia LimMother of Matthew, Pri 6, Tao Nan School

“My boys, Thaddaeus and Thierry, love Augustine’s classes. This is one enrichment activity they hate to miss. Augustine makes English fun to learn and it’s no mean feat with my boys. He is generous with his time and spares no effort to share his knowledge and joy of the English language with his students.

Augustine has taken care of my boys for a few years now and I have total faith in his abilities and methods to further my boys’ development in the language.”

Winston TanFather of Thaddaeus and Thierry, Sec 3 and Pri 5, Maris Stella High School and Tao Nan School

“Augustine makes learning English interesting for the children. He often organises fun activities/games which motivate the kids to attend and learn at the same time. My son likes his class!”

Caroline PohMother of Keith, Pri 3, Saint Stephen’s School

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